..5 tahun 5 bulan ..

yesterday..i went to clc (cambridge language centre,kb) to meet my tcher yati..=)
tx to her 4 giving me ( 5 tahun 5 bulan )..a malay n0vel by hlovate..diz b00k is kinda intretim..
yeahh..d language's quite simple..n0t d formal 1...hehe..perhaps daily language~
diz b00k is about jOhanna..as well as ana..a medical studen in Abirdeen,sc0tland..
d intrestim part bout diz n0vel is about J0hanna's life..how she faces..handle..c0rp with her life..
yeahh..jOhanna's is not like a usual ladies..she hates..pink..girlish stuff..etc..=P
n her anat lab partner's Bat@Jebat Iskandar try his best t0 cHange johanna's perseption bout life.
hUh...i need to finish my readin..hihi..
Thanks a l0t to tcher yati again.....=)


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