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Months to go. Dengan izinNya. 218. eventho still 'months to go' -- i should start the preparation now. boleh turn the bridezilla mode in me. prepare sikit2. her.his (:
Ingat nak jot down everything here. the journey. But time. very limited time. ---------------------------------- after 100 days+ of getting to know each other.. Im really2 thankful. one of the biggest blessing in my life is you. Eventho dua dua masih lagi trying to know each other. hey we got lifetime to know each other. Terima kasih M for you outstanding courage to tegur me, approach me, berterus terang. clear. sebab nn nih blur, slow in getting hints 😃 Banyak nak tulis. Next time lah. May Allah take care of us. Till big day and the rest of our life.

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