Apr 20, 2015

Indeed what is to come will be better for you than what has gone by. - Ad dhuha.

59 days till Ramadhan inshaAllah.

Ya Allah, berkahilah kami di bulan Rajab dan Sya’ban ini, dan sampaikanlah umur kami bertemu Ramadhan.”

Apr 7, 2015

Dear Allah,
If this harship is a test let me pass it.
And if there’s a lesson I’m meant to learn, don’t let me miss it.
And if my heart must be broken, let me put it back together with pieces of Your love.

Feb 28, 2015



1.of studying
Alhamdulillah dah habis 3rd rotation, Orthopaedic. Still remembered I posted about it previously, kena usaha lebih sikit sebab tak berapa suka posting ni. Heh. The truth, yes memang  struggled sungguh posting ni. Alhamdulillah, Allah made it easy for me during exam. Dapat case dan specialist yg Alhamdulillah baik baik je J plus kenaaa terima kasih dekat lecturers Orthopaedics, Dr.Siamak & Dr.Laith. rasanyaaaa lecturer paling sporting dalam banyak2 posting.

Kurang dari 5 bulan nak sit for professional iii exam. T_T ada lagi 3 rotation kena go through ; emergency medicine, internal medicine and surgery. Lepas tu pro iii exam.
Allah.. T_T kalau tak insaf lagi tak tau la.

Dah kenaaaa mula study balik posting2 lepas, O&G, Paeds, minor posting ; ENT,Opthal,Primary Care, Psychiatry. T_T banyaknyaaaaaa.

2.of books
Latest, beli catatan mat luthfi, diagnosis 1 dan diagnosis 2.
Diagnosis 1 dah baca. Diagnosis 2 not yet touch it dan catatan mat luthfi is currently reading. I guess I loss the passion – to read books other than medical books L prioritize

3.of good food
Despite the occupied days, still able to steal some time to fulfil my cravings. And usually weekend. Tho weekend pun still pegi hospital, jalan2 cari makan still on!!

4.of urusan perasaan
L relationship are messy and people’s feelings get hurt. Yes -__- haih tak mampu nak type panjang2.

5.till then… rasa nak tengok balik healer J

Feb 9, 2015

One of my stress reliever – cuddling with the nephews and nieces.
Cuddling in so many ways – irritates. Annoy them. :D

I miss you guys :(

Feb 7, 2015

The path from you extending
I could not see its course
or the closer to you I was getting,
the further from you I’d walked.

For I was moving in a circle,
not a line as I had thought
the steps I took away from you,
were taking me towards

-Lang Leav. 

Jan 13, 2015



So long dear blog. 2-3 hari ni – since post eop paediatrics,
Few times bukak blogspot. Rasa nak type something then post.
Tapiii… bila bukak tu. Empty. Rasa macam dah hilang skills bercerita..heh.
2014...boleh bilang berapa je ‘post’ thru out the year tu.

2015. tho I’ll be busy. Super super busy. I’ll just try to blog once in a while.
Masuk 2015 ni maknanya ada lagi 8 bulan sebelum professional exam iii.
Exam paling akhir, paling besar, paling crucial – the one yg menentukan pass atau tidak, grad or not and yes becoming a Dr. huuu.
Semoga Allah pandu diri ini ke arah yg betul.
Stay strong dear self.

Want to type more..post some pictures. Later inshaAllah later.
Sebab target sebelum tido nak tengok anatomy spine sepintas lalu >.<
Posting orthopaedics tulang belulang ni kena usahaaa lebih sikit sebab apa.. sebab tak berapa nak minat -_-