Jan 13, 2015



So long dear blog. 2-3 hari ni – since post eop paediatrics,
Few times bukak blogspot. Rasa nak type something then post.
Tapiii… bila bukak tu. Empty. Rasa macam dah hilang skills bercerita..heh.
2014...boleh bilang berapa je ‘post’ thru out the year tu.

2015. tho I’ll be busy. Super super busy. I’ll just try to blog once in a while.
Masuk 2015 ni maknanya ada lagi 8 bulan sebelum professional exam iii.
Exam paling akhir, paling besar, paling crucial – the one yg menentukan pass atau tidak, grad or not and yes becoming a Dr. huuu.
Semoga Allah pandu diri ini ke arah yg betul.
Stay strong dear self.

Want to type more..post some pictures. Later inshaAllah later.
Sebab target sebelum tido nak tengok anatomy spine sepintas lalu >.<
Posting orthopaedics tulang belulang ni kena usahaaa lebih sikit sebab apa.. sebab tak berapa nak minat -_-


Dec 11, 2014


Looking back at 2014.. how messy is the ‘urusan perasaan’ =.=

Keep calm and continue watching favourite Monday couple J

Dec 6, 2014

Oct 31, 2014


Listen to ‘never one to complain’ by Night Terrors of 1927

watched ‘What If’ 2013 last night :)
Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan make an engaging duo in this eminently commercial romantic comedy movie. Probably the best one after 500 days of Summer.
And yes girl and guy relationship can be quite complicated sometimes L

1)Being friends is really overrated – Wallace.
2)Does it count as a lie when you’re lying to yourself? – Chantry.

And my favourite one,

“It’s very easy to be cynical about love until you’ve had that instant connection. If you’re luckyit happens once in a lifetime.” – Wallace

Oct 26, 2014



Should be reading ‘cephalo pelvic disproportion’, ‘mechanism of normal labour’ before going for another topic ‘diagnosis of early neonatal problems’ yet I am here posting some pictures :D
When I went thru my gallery in the phones and all the food photos looked so tempting.
So… let just share it here too :)

Biasanya post dekat instagram je lah. Heh.
All the photos taken during my previous one week break.

And finally I watched my most awaited movie, ‘Love Rosie’.
The movie was lovely. And yes I gave 7/10 :D
Lets update about that movie later on. 
till then.

Oct 16, 2014

Barakallah classmates :)


Just quick update.
Of beautiful solemnization and epic wedding since both bride and groom are both my classmates J
Barakallah Pdi & Kak Ummul.

The whole group c tumpang happy J
May Allah bless.