Sep 17, 2014


Next week (22 September till 26th September 2014)

Monday ; Paeds & Obstetrics and Gynaecology | mcq, meq, seq
Tuesday ; Surgery | mcq, meq, seq
Wednesday : Internal medicine | mcq, meq, seq
Thursday : Emergency Medicine & Orthopaedics | mcq,meq,seq
Friday morning : Primary Care Medicine & Psychiatry | mcq, meq, seq
Friday afternoon : Otorhinolaryngology (ENT), Opthalmology, Urban health, Community Medicine
                            | mcq

Done with the clinical part last week,
And looking forward for theory exam.
Allahu robbi.. nak menangis rasa kena cover 12 postings dalam masa seminggu ni.

Year 4 come to the end.

Aug 24, 2014

Syawal 2014 (i)


Akhir akhir syawal baru rasa nak update blog.
Nak post few photos. :D
Tinggalkan sekejap principle of fracture, tinggalkan sekejap Apley textbook =.=
1st Syawal,
Alhamdulillah tahun ni completed whole family di pagi raya.
Alhamdulillah 2 days before raya sempat bukak puasa / sahur ramai ramai sekeluarga.
Tahun depan confirm dah sorang beraya Penang, sorang  Selangor..
dan tahun depan diri sendiri confirm tak beraya mana sebab dekat dgn Pro Exam T_T

lagi 2 minggu nak habiskan posting Orthopaedics.
Dah 12 posting.. tinggal nak eop exam, theory exam..
Lepas tu habis tahun 4 dan hello final year. T_T
Allahu robbi, masaaaaa berlalu sangatlah laju.

Syawal 2014’s post will be cont :)


One of the most courageous decisions you will ever make is to finally let go of whatever is hurting your heart and soul.

Breathe and release anything that does not serve you.

Aug 17, 2014

Come up to meet you, tell you I'm sorry
You don't know how lovely you are
I had to find you, tell you I need you
Tell you I set you apart

Tell me your secrets and ask me your questions
Oh, let's go back to the start
Running in circles, coming up tails
Heads on a science apart

Nobody said it was easy
It's such a shame for us to part
Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it would be this hard
Oh, take me back to the start

I was just guessing at numbers and figures
Pulling the puzzles apart
Questions of science, science and progress
Do not speak as loud as my heart

But tell me you love me, come back and haunt me
Oh and I rush to the start
Running in circles, chasing our tails
Coming back as we are

- The Scientist, Coldplay

Jun 21, 2014

scrubs in


Because today is one of the days I’ll remember for the rest of my life.
Mestilah akan ingat sebab pertama kali scrub in dan assist surgeon. Biasanya jadi observer je, berdiri tepi tepi tengok. :D
It’s so hard to get into the OT yet Dr.Sundar let us in.
Teringat masa practical bms dekat Hrpz 2 tahun lepas, pertama kali masuk Ot tengok ‘TAHBSO’.. masa itu tak masuk clinical years lagi. Tak sambung mbbs lagi tapiii dah masuk OT dulu..
I think I love O&G more. Pakar sakit puan one day, perhaps? :)

Marilah siapkan slides seminar.
Kerja bersusun bertimbun. Bila nak start marathon Paeds ni? T_T
16 bulan lagi.. bertahan!!

big 24 :0


Just a short update and a few photos :D
i turned 24 last Sunday. 
May Allah bless my parents for taking care of me.
May Allah forgive me for the wrong I've done.
Thank you for this gift of life and endless blessing. Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal.

On a side note,
Terima kasih kawan kawan baik naim lilbanat for the advance birthday celebration @ Chemistry Lab Café.
Terima kasih banyak2 jgk housemates, syakir & ahmad for the supriseddd birthday bash. The best prank so far.
Alhamdulillah for the good friends I have around.

May Allah bless :)